Notary Public Wokingham

Notary Public Wokingham

I am a Notary Public offering my services in Wokingham and the surrounding areas.

Please contact me to arrange an appointment or to obtain a quotation.

I offer my services throughout the following areas:
Wokingham, Ascot, Staines, Basingstoke, Oxford, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Slough, Reading, Bracknell, Windsor, Uxbridge and Surrey.

I carry out home visits as well as office visits to ensure that your notarial needs can be met. I also offer a mobile notary service during and out of office hours where required.

As well as English, I also offer my services to clients who speak Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and Gujarati.

Need a Solicitor?
I am also a qualified Solicitor and head of the law firm S & V Solicitors.
For more information visit S & V Solicitors

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What is a Notary Public (‘Notary’)?

Notaries are lawyers who aid the public in certain legal matters.

There are approximately 800 Notaries in England and Wales. They are a type of lawyer whose functions include the preparation and execution of certain documents, attesting to the authenticity of certain documents, as well as providing non-contentious legal services.

A Notary will hold a Diploma in Notarial Services and be qualified to verify client’s identities and documentation. Once satisfied, Notaries will approve the documentation with a special seal and duly affix their signature. They may also provide a certificate in some cases.

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Where did Notaries originate?

Until 1533 Notaries were appointed by the Pope, through the Archbishop of Canterbury. Then the UK broke from Rome.

Until the 1700s, Notaries used elaborate artist signs to verify their signature. Thereafter, they adopted the use of seals and today they each have their own unique seal.

In 2020, the Archbishop still statutorily appoints Notaries but through authority from the Crown underpinned by parliamentary statutes. This is exercised through the ancient Court of Faculties at Westminster Abbey in London.  It is presided over by an ecclesiastical judge called the Master of the Faculties.

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Is a Notary the same as a Commissioner for Oaths?

No. This is a common misconception. A Commissioner for Oaths is a lawyer authorised to administer oaths and or verify the truth behind the averments (statements) in an affidavit.

Whereas a Notary can execute certain legal formalities, notarise signatures on documents, and certify.

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Why may I need a Notary?

Notaries are usually solicitors; however, not many solicitors are qualified as Notaries. When you need to get a document ‘notarised’ you will often need the services of a Notary.

Notarised means the documents have been sworn, much like the swearing of evidence before a court.

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What services do Notaries provide?

This list is not exhaustive. Always consult your Notary to enquire whether they can help.

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I have heard the term ‘legalisation’ and ‘Apostille’ used in connection to Notaries. What do these mean?

The UK is a signatory to the Hague Convention. Co-signee countries determine their own rules around the documentation their own Foreign Office(s) and or Consulates require.

When a Notary seals and signs a document for you, some countries will authenticate your notarised paperwork. This is called Legalisation.

Other countries require a certified document from the Foreign Office. This is called an Apostille.

Your Notary can help you in this regard.

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Is a Notary a Lawyer?

Yes, they are a type of lawyer. Approximately 92% are also practising solicitors.

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Are Notaries regulated? Am I protected?

The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury regulates Notaries.

The Master of the Faculties is the Regulator for the purposes of the Legal Services Act 2007 for the Notary Public profession in England & Wales, with its website confirming “[T]he Master of the Faculties is the regulator of the profession of Notaries Public in England & Wales, and the Faculty Office (led by the Registrar) assists the Master in her/his functions”.

Be assured that the Office mandates that: “The Master has made an Order directing that the minimum level of professional indemnity insurance cover for notaries is £1,000,000. Subject to that minimum level of cover, notaries should ensure that professional indemnity insurance cover is at an appropriate level for their practices. Notary-conveyancers and notary-probate practitioners should take out cover for considerably more than the minimum prescribed level”.

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How do you qualify as a Notary?

Application is via the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury regulates Notaries.

The Notaries (Qualification) Rules 2017 provide the latest details. Wherein, an applicant, aside being of good character, also:
Is at least 21 years of age and has satisfied the requirements of these rules; and
Has taken the oath of allegiance and the oath required by Section 7 of the Public Notaries Act 1843; and
Is, except where such application is made under rule 4 (ecclesiastical notaries) or rule 8 either a solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales, or a barrister at law or a Chartered Legal Executive or holds a Degree.

There are three stages to be fulfilled:

Eight prescribed subjects, from which Barristers and Solicitors are exempt due to previous studies.

A two-year distance learning of the Diploma in Notarial Practice course with University of London. Year 1 is the study of Roman (Civil) Law and Private International Law and in Year 2 applicants study Notarial Practice.

Application is made to the Faculty Office for admission to the Roll of Notaries via a formal application to the Master with a Certificate of Fitness and a Certificate of Good Character.
The Notaries Society mandates that “all newly appointed notaries shall, for the first two/three years after their appointment, have their practice as a notary supervised by another notary”.

Therefore, you can be confident your Notary is a qualified, vetted, and competent legal professional

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How much does Notarisation cost?

Extra fees will be payable if your document requires legalisation at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and/or a Foreign Embassy. There may also be agent’s fees or translator’s fees. Other payments may be required including travelling expenses. You will be advised on all charges and you will be responsible for them and payment will be made in advance of any such costs.

Our fee will depend on what we are required to do for you and will be based on factors such as urgency and the amount of time that is spent on a matter.

Please note that any documents posted by me are posted at your risk. We cannot accept liability for its loss or cost for a replacement document.

Please visit the Contact Me page to obtain a quotation.

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Redress Information

My professional indemnity insurance is in the sum of £2,000,000 (Two million pounds).

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Regulatory Information

My notarial practice is regulated through the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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